Maternidad II

Maternity II is a work of art with a strong accent of intimism in which the author communicates that essential feeling through a zoomorphous being in order to denote the universality of that particular theme. The structure of the mother is a silver amalgam of forms and textures that contrast in an overwhelming way with her potential son made by veneers of titanium. So, thanks to the potentiality of the titanium, the artist elaborates a composition that worth for his special use of color that contributes to highlight the close relationship between mother and son. The scene rest in a rustic pedestal of wood; quality that transmits a rich contrast of matters and provide an interesting game of lights and shadows. In any case, Maternity II expresses the author’s intentions of technical experimentation that is showed not only by the unusual employ of the welding and assembling but also by the interweave of materials like silver and titanium in order to offer a transgressor point of view.